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Permission to take Courses Elsewhere

Permission to Take a Course Elsewhere (Undergraduate Day Students)


Students may be permitted to take courses for degree credit in other four-year colleges and universities with approval from the Dean’s Office. Unless an approved degree program provides otherwise, no more than six such courses (of the 40 required) may be credited toward the degree, and no more than two courses may be credited each summer. Students may not take summer courses in order to advance their degree. DO NOT register for the course until appropriate approvals have been obtained. Transfer grades do not affect the calculation of your GPA. A grade of “C” or better is required in order for the credit to be granted. A C- grade is not adequate.

Steps to request permission to take a course elsewhere:

  • Identify a course offered at another college or university that meets your curriculum needs. Meet with your advisor and obtain his/her approval to take the course. Please note that HSB students may see their advisor or the William F. Leahy Advising Center (MV 150) for this approval.
  • Request course approval:
    • For courses offered in the CAS, submit the request form and a course description/syllabus to the CAS Advising Center (BL 117). The Associate Dean will evaluate the course for equivalency and consider your request to take the course elsewhere. Students will be notified via email of the Associate Dean’s decision. If approved, the form will be forward to Hawk Central.
    • For courses offered in the HSB, submit this form and a course description/syllabus to the Chair of the relevant department in the HSB. After obtaining course equivalency approval from the Chair, submit this form to the William F. Leahy Advising Center (MV 150) for permission to take the course. If approved, the form will be forward to Hawk Central.
    • If you are seeking permission to take a course(s) outside of the U.S. or Puerto Rico, the approval of the Center for International Programs (CIP) is also required
  • If you are a CAS student seeking permission to take a course in your major or minor, Department Chair/Program Director approval also is required.
  • After approvals are obtained, register for the class. Earn a C or better in the course; request a transcript to be sent to Hawk Central (if electronic transcript please send to or If hard copy please send to:  Saint Joseph's University c/o Hawk Central, Barbelin 121, 5600 City Avenue, Philadelphia PA  19131)


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